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Solid wood Flooring: Sustainably Harvested and Reclaimed.

 All of our flooring is milled from either selective harvested or urban timber from local tree services.

 We cut, select and kiln dry the lumber carefully so you have a unique and stable floor when it is installed.
 Standard sizes are 3/4 x 3"-4"-5"
 Design Your Own Floor
Call and tell us what you want and we will make it!
Any species. Widths up to 11". Sand in place, unfinished flooring.
     Our current Special: Ash flooring

     3/4" T & G Solid,  sand in place flooring.
Long lengths to work with,  several grades available upon request.  We can assist you with installation questions and supplies.
   3"-$2.40 sq.ft.
   5"-$2.75 sq.ft. 
Any other size can be milled. Please inquire.        


 Current Lumber stock: 06/01/16
          KD Stock                On Sticks
W Oak         4/4 650
QS W Oak    4/4 750
R Oak          4/4           
H Maple       4/4          
S Maple       4/4            
Bass            4/4 350 bf             
                   8/4 250 bf
                  16/4 700 bf
Poplar          4/4  
Ash              8/4 
Walnut         4/4                     
Cherry          4/4  
Elm              4/4        
Misc.            4/4 2000 bf
                T&G Flooring
R Oak 3/4/5" 
Ash   3/5"    
W oak 3"     
Misc. 3"        
Reclaimed Flooring
  Mixed re sawn from beams:elm/maple/beech/ash/hickery/oak
  "Call for current stock"





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